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Past Competitions

Each year, we participate in the FIRST Robotics Challenge, where we have 6 weeks to design, code, and build a robot from scratch. Here's a showcase of past years' bots. 

Destination: Deep Space, 2019: "The Flex"

Built for Success

"The Flex" competed at the Arizona North and Silicon Valley regionals. At Silicon Valley, it won the Industrial Design Award.  

Operation and Control

Front- and back-facing cameras stream to the driver station, while our in-progress vision targeting system will allow the robot to pivot, align, and drive to a target.

The Flex

Innovative Arm Mechanism

Our robot features 3-part arm  capable of placing cargo and hatches in the front and back without having to turn the robot around. We can reach the cargo ship and the bottom 2 levels of the rocket.

Automatic Intaking

Smooth, consistent, and speedy cargo pickup using our intake, the claw, and an IR sensor.

Robots from previous years - click on the images below to enlarge.