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One of Team 670's major goals is to promote STEM education and interest, both within Homestead High School and in the wider community. One way we accomplish this is with public demonstrations. Every year, at the Silicon Valley Fall Festival, we present our robots, participate in friendly matches with nearby teams, and introduce younger students to the wonders of technology and engineering. Homestead Robotics also visits local middle and elementary schools and hosts family events at Cupertino Library, where kids get to drive robots and see what robotics is all about. 

Team 670 is equally focused on spreading interest in STEM at Homestead High School. Our robots, including one that launches T-shirts, often make appearances on campus events. We host many workshops throughout the school year, open to all, where our officer team and mentors give lessons on programming, mechanical engineering, computer-aided design, and more. In our workshops, we emphasize creative problem solving and hands-on experience while always keeping safety in mind.