Mentors of Homestead Robotics

HRT greatly depends on the expertice and knowledge of our mentors. With their help, Team 670 have evolved to what we are today.

Greg Burroughs

Teacher Advisor

Mr. Burroughs first stepped onto the robotics scene in 2012. After graduating with Bachelors and Masters degrees in math from UC Riverside and a Masters degree in computer science from University of Wisconsin, Mr. Burroughs finds that Team 670 is a wonderfully diverse team, comprised of students from various backgrounds and ages-- regardless of experience level, grade or gender, Team 670 wholeheartedly welcomes all who want to join and make a contribution to the team.

Gerald cheung


Mr. Cheung joined the team in 2015, and is the uncle of one of the team officers. Mr. Cheung is an engineer at Apple, and his experience in computer assisted design (CAD) has done a great service to helping the Team 670 students more efficiently design the 2016 robot.

Jeff Hutchins


Mr. Hutchins started off observing a season, but soon joined the mentor team with the hopes of lending the team his experience in design and management. He is currently focused on the software control of the robot. He graduated from Stanford BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) and MSEE (Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering).



Ms. Looney's interest in robotics started in 2010, when an all-girls FIRST LEGO League team visited Google (her workplace). Since she exceled in software, she decided to mentor Homestead Robotics Team starting in 2016.

Ronald Crane


Team 670 first welcomed Mr. Crane to Homestead Robotics in 2006. Since offering his assistance so many seasons ago, Mr. Crane has immensely helped with the engineering of the robot./p>

Sherry Ren


Ms. Ren has always loved hands-on activities so she joined the FIRST robotics team (624) at her high school. She went on to study mechanical engineering at MIT and had worked on several robotics projects during her 4 years there. It is also her passion to work with girls in high school who are interested in STEM fields and to help them grow along the way. She is good with basic engineering concepts, CAD, design methodologies and rapid prototyping.

Steven Eaton


Mr. Eaton started mentoring Homestead Robotics in 2007, after his son joined the club as a Freshman. Through his years of working as a dedicated mentor, he has contributed extensively to the design and construction of the internal components of our robots. He has a BS in Engineering and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Caltech.