Leadership Team 2016-2017

Lauren Ng


Allison Moore

VP of Mechanical Design

Hello there! My name is Allison Moore and I will be VP of Mechanical Design for the team this year. I am a junior and, despite rumors otherwise, the tallest member on the team. Feel free to come to me with questions, corrections, and concerns; I will do my best to answer them, or at least give a good guess.

Jose Amador

VP of Strategy

Alex Hutchins

VP of Public Affairs

Katelyn Zhang

Co-Fabrication Lead

Jun Muranaka

Co-Fabrication Lead

Evan Cleveland

Design Lead

Ronak Mundkur

Drive Team Lead

Hi my name is Ronak Mundkur. I manage the driver team for our club. In my free time I spot cars, play my guitar, and go camping. If you are interested in becoming a driver, operator or human player, please let me know!

Calvin Kuo

Scouting Lead

Ayy whatup. I'm a Senior this year, and my job this year is to be fuego at data analyzation at the competitions. But I'll also be doing tech so hmu if you need any help with that. Or even better, hmu if a paintball game is about to go down.

Vikram Sharma

Programming Lead

Hi my name is Vikram Sharma and I am a current Junior. As Programming Lead I take care of all the tech stuff on the team. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop the team a line. I'm always excited to meet new people!

Lily Li

Business Lead|Web Master

Hello everyone! My name is Lily Li and I am a Sophomore this year. Outside of Robotics, I am on the swim team, HOP, as well as the student council (class treasurer :D). In my spare time, I enjoy DIYs, music, sleeping, and improving this website. I am incredibly obsessed with the YouTube and social media (especially Instagram). If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to hit me up! I can't wait to meet all of you!

Rohit Ghosh

Safety Officer

Nitya Tammana


Jay Mishra


Hey guys! My name is Jay Mishra and I'm the Treasurer for this year. I manage the club bank accounts and apply for corporate grants so that we can afford to participate in competitions, buy all the parts and software necessary to build the robot, and generally keep the club running smoothly. If you want to contribute to the team by helping with grant applications, let me know!

Tiffany Chiang

PR Lead

Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany, and I am a junior this year, as well as being the Public Relations Officer for Team 670. I just joined Robotics last year, but became obsessed and have been loving the club and all the members. Robotics gives you amazing knowledge with STEM but also teaches valuable lessons of responsibility, teamwork, and team spirit! Outside of robotics, I play volleyball and love doing arts and crafts. I also enjoy taking pictures to post on socials online (ps check out all of Team 670's social media platforms)!