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About Us

Homestead Robotics, also known as Team 670, aims to foster an interest in STEM among high schoolers, develop students’ innovative spirit and leadership, and promote engineering education within the surrounding community by providing opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the field. Team 670 measures its success not by its numbers of wins and losses but by the amount of growth its members undergo, especially in terms of curiosity, creativity, and courage to pursue their dreams.

Homestead Robotics was established as an official FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, Robotics Team in 2001. The team's founders recognized the need to expose students to engineering and science knowledge to prepare them for the real world. Thus, the team was established to use the FRC competition to inspire every single member to problem-solve, code, and design. These essential skills are necessary for every successful engineer. Based in Silicon Valley's city of Cupertino, the club is very fortunate to receive funding and support from various companies and organizations. For more information about our generous sponsors, visit the Sponsors page.

Throughout the years, Team 670 has participated in every single FRC competition other than the 2002 season due to financial difficulties. The team has consistently placed within the top 15 at every single regional competition and is a frequent participant in the playoff matches. Other than the official FRC season competitions, Team 670 also participates in local robotics competitions such as the CalGames sponsored by WRRF, Western Region Robotics Forum( Homestead Robotics prides itself as a student-run organization. With the help of three mentors for about 40 members per season, the team is organized and independent. Every single part of the robot is student designed and student fabricated in the Homestead High school metal workshop.

Season after season, the team has never lost its focus on its mission. Team inspires and motivates our students to pursue their passion, interest, and personal goals both during their time on the team and in their futures.

Team 670 was first formed in September 2001 at Homestead High School, located at 21370 Homestead Road, Cupertino, CA 95014, in the heart of Silicon Valley. At the time, the team was composed of less than 20 members. Today, Homestead Robotics is composed of 60+ members, and prides itself for its ethnic, gender, and age diversity. Throughout the past 15 years, Team 670 has also expanded the number of mentors, sponsors, and community members who contribute to the team.

Although the team was temporarily suspended due to inability to obtain an adviser from 2002-2003, the team was reinstated in 2004 and quickly began participating again in FIRST competitions. In 2008, the team qualified for quarterfinals, and has done so ever since, even qualifying for semifinals and beyond. Another challenge Team 670 once faced was a lack of cohesiveness throughout the team. However, in the 2014-2015 school year, Homestead Robotics resolved this issue by establishing sub-teams and giving every member a specific role to play, rather than simply having upperclassmen build the robot without communicating with the rest of the team.

Today, Team 670 is proud of its exponential growth. It will continue to grow through the peer-to-peer mentorship that allows underclassman to work with upperclassmen, who will prepare them to move the team forward in the future. Homestead Robotics is also proud to have experienced growth in gender diversity throughout the years, having achieved a male-female ratio of 2:1, which is much more diverse than the worldwide STEM ratio of 4:1.