About Team 670

Our Mission

Homestead Robotics, also known as Team 670, aims to foster an interest in STEM among high schoolers, develop students’ innovative spirit and leadership, and promote engineering education within the surrounding community by providing opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the field. Team 670 measures its success not by its numbers of wins and losses but by the amount of growth its members undergo, especially in terms of curiosity, creativity, and courage to pursue their dreams.

What We Do

Homestead Robotics allows each member to explore every single one of their interests. One of the main goals of our club is make sure every single member feels welcomed and involved. Most of our members work in one or more of the sub-teams listed below. Hover over the image for more information.

In order to insure that every single member contributes to the team as well as the robot, this sub-team structure allows upper-classmen to mentor the lower-classmen.


The Programming team is in charge of coding the robot, from the many sensors to the motor controllers and much more.



the Fabrication team works in the school metalshop to hand-make every robot part.



The Electronics team sets up the electronic board, connects sensors, and controls the robot through code.



The Design team uses CAD to design parts and compute calculations before sending printed blueprints to the Fabrication team to fabricate.



Team 670 places Safety FIRST and maintains strict safety protocools for every club member to follow.



The Scouting team collects data from other teams during each competition so that we can form alliances for playoffs.



Once assemblies are completed, the team performs thorough testing in order to ensure successful performance at competitions.



Team 670 likes to reach out to the community and share our knowledge of STEM.



We would like to teach the next generation of potential engineers of basic electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering knowledge through our activities, workshops, and other robotics events.


With our projects, robots, and other activities, Team 670 encourages all members to explore their interests in a variety of fields such as engineering, business, artistic design, and community service.

Problem Solve

Through our robotic seasons, members have the unique opportunity to learn the most basic skill for an engineer: problem solving. We provide a variety of challenges such as design problems and physics application.